1. Not only do we, the taxpayer get tagged for $500 mil plus, but now have to support all the unemployed (another 1000) for another 99 weeks! Good grief.

  2. Gary: don’t listen to those email shmize artists who take personal shots at you. Jerks will always be with us. We call them “trolls.” They live to discourage you with their hateful illogical nonsense. Forget em!

    Those of you with an interest in political economic history (does not help one make money, unfortunately) might remember a phrase for the things Gary has mentioned Bush has done, because technically it fits extremely well: Italian Fascism. Just “Google” it. It’s when government and corporations agree to own corporations and the private property and together decide how it is run and distributed.

    Add to the picture what Obama and the left have been doing, which has pretty much been identified here or by Gary before: the base phrase is “Marxist (European) Socialism.”

    The economic theory used by both, dominated in colleges and university for a couple generations now, called “Keynsian Economics” (to quote Richard Nixon: “We’re ALL Keynsians now”…as opposed to the kind that works, called “Austrian” Economics, which has been abandoned by the universities and think tanks.

    A good weekend’s research or two and you will be amazed, amazed I say, at the perfect fit of these two bookends to the destruction of what has made this country.

  3. Can you further imagine all the American taxpayer money wasted once those wind farms go by the way side due to the lack of proper maintenance after the Federal Government finishes shaking American citizens upside down for subsidies until they can get no more as unemployment increases by the very same costly FRAUD which these very green policies are purposely being used to destroy and transform America into a banana Republic. This is meant to change the American mass culture that is poorer and totally reliant on a centralized oppressive government.

    The Obama green policies are nothing less than a design to shake down the American taxpayers in disguise ‘save the planet’ so you’ll peacefully accept their political tyranny with out reasoning what is actually being done to your own personal wealth. I hope Americans wake up before America undoubtedly turns being controlled under total dictatorship form of government. Obamacare was the beginning and I pray it is entirely defeated for repeal in the Supreme Court.

    No one will be in the stock market except Warren Buffet type global elitists if these things come to pass. PRAY and write your congressman and senators. Stay engaged and informed. We can turn this around. Not Obama’s “Yes We Can” slogan for fundamental transformation of Americas Free Republic into a socialist state ….Rather self empowerment back to individual freedom and right to self prosperity under a Free Republic . “Yes I Can”

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