Gary Kaltbaum’s Consulting

A Consulting Service For People Who Manage Money

What You Get:

Clear Market Direction & Direct Access To GaryK!

GaryK’s Trend Watch (working title) is a weekly consulting service for people who manage money on Wall Street. The service includes a weekly report with intra-week updates and is designed to keep you ahead of the crowd. Gary tells you exactly what he sees (in real-time) and tells you what areas are leading and what areas are lagging in the market.

The service gives you actionable long and short ideas and is designed to make you money in both bull and bear markets. The service does this by filtering out the noise and provides you with the most important market moving information each week. The service keeps you aligned with the market, focuses on leading growth stocks, big leading sectors, and gives you a real exploitable edge. The goal is to find leading stocks as they emerge and hold them as they go through a big bull cycle.

Big leading stocks are added early (during the 1st and 2nd stage) of a big move which assures you the move is real. You can expect to receive entry points, exit points, earnings dates and estimates, sector analysis, market analysis and enough commentary to keep you in..and AHEAD..of the game. Additionally, you will have direct access to GaryK for any ideas that show up on your radar. He’s your ace up your sleeve.

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Gary Kaltbaum knows how to find leading stocks EARLY. Over the past 30 years, he has become a well known force on Wall Street and knows how to find big growth stocks BEFORE they become obvious to the crowd.

He has become the “go-to” authority for the media, professional money managers and is now offering his coveted Trend Watch Service for only $750/quarter to help you find and own leading stocks – early.

That is the price, the cost of not subscribing is infinitely more (especially in this market). Only one good idea a year, will easily cover the subscription and then some.