Watch @GaryKaltbaum on @FoxBusinss: “0% Chance The Fed Will Raise Rates. Simple As That”

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  1. anti semite
    anti semite says:

    Zero percent chances of a rate hike,, hum…
    Well, this Waffen SS officer is inclined to agree.
    Butt…. we all know what the greedy Jewish bankers are capable of…

    All the sneaky hymies need do, is raise rates .25 %, then watch the market tank.
    Wait a few days, ,,wait a week, ………then have a coordinated QE from Europe, or Japan to make up the difference by way of the carry trade…

    Swosh !! Problem solved, interest rates up, market up, into the elections.
    It’s a matter of money flow.
    If the money is not flowing from the fed, all they need do, …is flow it from another fed !

    Or, as Yoda says, “and dollar, a yen, a Euro, print them, aim them at the market, and wait for the market go up…

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