Watch GaryK on @FoxBusiness: Can the U.S. see 4% economic growth under Trump?

Can the U.S. see 4% economic growth under Trump?

Jan. 03, 2017 – CME Price Futures Group’s Phil Flynn, Kaltbaum Capital Management’s Gary Kaltbaum, and the Committee for Responsible Federal Budget President Maya MacGuineas on the demand for oil and how the markets will react to the Trump presidency.

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Can the U.S. see 4% economic growth under Trump?

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  1. Q:Can USA see 4% growth under Trump.
    A: Yes,, err .. no….

    Only an idiot would speculate on that …

    The fact is, USA is overloaded with debt, if you want growth you must first pay down debt and with the resulting surplus, ..spend, or……… you must ……expand debt, then spend.

    Well, lets see, USA is burdened with between 20 and 100 trillion in debt ? Pay it down ?? ….Ha !

    Ok ,the alternative, is to expand a debt loaded economy, …..by expanding debt.
    To do that, the banks must print a zillion shekels,( federal reserve notes ) and deposit those shekels into the checking accounts of every American………..

    I promise you !…….They will spend !…… You will get growth !

    Butt,, the time will come when the bank accounts run dry:
    Q: What to do next (?) print more shekels, and do it again ?
    A: Yup … And the economy will expand again.

    Ok, do it over and over again, and again, and again…..expand and expand the money supply.

    Q:What do you get ?

    A: You get;
    (1) a new economic order where an economy endlessly expands on and endless expansion of money ,,, , or

    (2) , the value of the money falls ( ….due to over supply ) = ( runaway inflation ) and you end up with economic collapse comparable to the 1933 Weimer Republic ..

    Q: Can the economy expand 4% under President trump ?
    A: Yup, for awhile,, then………….nope.

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