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“Anyone who has a billion dollars either exploited a monopoly that should have been broken up, got inside information unavailable to other investors, bribed some politicians, or inherited the money from their parents (who did one of the above).”

Guess who said this?/ Not Warren, not Sanders, not Cortez. This one came from Robert Reich a professor at UC Berkley and Secretary of Labor from 93-97 as well as President Obama’s economic transition team. Do not dare make over $999,999,999.99 you immoral slug!

The assault on capitalism continues. This is not the first person to utter such words and will not be the last. It used to be these people were a little bit shy about showing their hate of capitalism and their love of socialism but these days, they believe they have the upper hand. At least their poll numbers say so.

Many are making fun of Sanders, Warren, Cortez and people like Reich. We will not. We will take them seriously. We will take them dead seriously. You should too. They really mean it. What interests us is that these are the same people that along with their media sycophants call President Trump a dictator. This interests us because a dictator does not lower taxes and get rid of regulations. A dictator looks to do the opposite. So just who are the dictators?

Dictators try to take over big swaths of the economy. Guess what the two largest parts of our economy are? Healthcare and energy. Create a crisis. Demand to take it over and tax the hell out of everyone to pay for the crisis.

Dictators want to confiscate wealth. In order to do this, they must pit the “immoral” wealthy against the not wealthy. Here are the proposals from just the past few weeks:

90% tax rates

70% tax rates

77% estate tax

wealth confiscation (we refuse to call it a tax)

“90%, 80%, 70%…we can look at that ”

VAT tax

trading tax

carbon tax

higher payroll tax

It seems everyone is outdoing each other.

Dictators want to take away choice.

Air travel? Screw you! We’ll tell you how many jets can fly and where.

You work in the airline industry? Screw you. Find something else to do. Just because U.S. passenger and cargo carriers employ more than 700,000 people worldwide and help drive more than 10 million American jobs….screw you.

Eat meat? Screw you. We will tell you what to eat because we know better.

You work or own any franchises at McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, In and Out? Screw you! Find something else to do. Better yet, sell tofu!

Drive cars and trucks? Screw you. We will tell you what you can drive.

Own a building, own a house, own a condo…own anything that doesn’t fit their template. Screw you! Screw you and how much it would cost to retrofit the way we want you to.

Dictators promise the masses free everything.

Free education for life. Don’t worry. We are taking the producers down a few pegs to pay for this.

Free money. Don’t worry. Chicago, who is broke and can’t cover their pensions, promises to pay you not to work. They will just run up more debt.

Free healthcare. Hey…go to the emergency room as many times as you like. (Please do not read what is happening with the NHS in the UK!)

Here’s a job. Will guarantee everyone a government job whether it is needed or not because who gives a crap about supply and demand when you are dictators.

You are unwilling to get a job. That’s fine. Just vote for us and we will pay you to sit on your couch, watch Netflix (we will even pay for that) and eat cheetos.

The problem is AND WE ARE NOT KIDDING…if you confiscated every dime earned by every person in this country…it would not pay for these dictator’s wants. No…not kidding. Our rusty abacus is working just fine. This doesn’t include the complete destruction of the economy leading to a massive drop in revenues.

Dictators need backers.

Oped NY Times by David Leonhardt…”It’s radical not to tax the rich more!”

Paul Krugman calls the coffee king a “radical centrist!”

SNL, late night hosts mainstream media. Funny, I don’t remember SNL making fun of Cortez for what can only be considered a comedic proposal. Funny, the late night hosts treat these socialist proposals as God-like. Remember and never forget what they all did to Palin for calling for lower taxes and smaller government. The horror of it all. They tried to destroy the woman while lauding the dictators.

There is a reason why the “Green Deal” was taken off-line and is already in flux. It sucks. It makes no sense. It is fantasy land. It just about calls for the elimination of air travel, anything gas powered (cars, trucks, boats, lawn mowers), nuclear power and whoa is you if you are cow with colitis. Miss Cortez has gone from “it is a complete government takeover” to “how dare they say it is a complete government takeover!” By the way, we would like to know who is going to check on the 94,000,000 or so cattle for their rates of flatulence.

Dictators are socialists with your money. They are capitalists with their own money.

Bernie flies private. Has more than one home. We all know the utter scam Elizabeth Warren pulled off.

Speaking of Elizabeth Warren, she was quoted as saying ” We’re building a grassroots movement to give the power back to the people!” Really. You are successful. You are wealthy. You are a great producer? Screw you! We are taking more. You want to be wealthy? Screw you. Every rung up the ladder, we will be taking more and more from you. Choice is taken away. Dollars are confiscated. Power back to the people…our a–!

Socialists, dictators…by any other name. This is no longer comedic. This is serious. They are no longer shy. Remember, their enemy is success. Their enemy are the producers. Their mark is everyone that wants to be successful, convincing them they are not because others are. They want you to believe there is no hope because everyone is trying to screw you. Just read these people’s resumes’ and you will see a long list of living off the taxpayer while never working in private business. Accomplishments? They were elected!

Socialists and dictators are the definitive enemy. We have blatant evidence just 2,700 miles south of where we are sitting. A country destroyed. A people destroyed. Hope destroyed. All by two words…socialists and dictators. Where are the freaking centrists?


  1. The question is what world do you live in? One side believes there is an invasion of illegal aliens, gangs and drugs coming from the southern border and the other side believes it doesn’t exist. One side believes we’re all going to die from climate change in the next twenty years and the other side believes it doesn’t exist. One side believes there is massive voter suppression and the other side believes there is massive voter fraud. One side believes that the country is so racists and unfair and the other side believes it doesn’t exist. One side believes that women’s rights are under assault because they can’t get an abortion at any time, for any reason at no cost and the other side believes gun rights are under assault because they can’t buy any type of gun, anywhere for any reason. The only thing the two sides can agree on is no one cares about debt and deficits. But I do!

  2. Control the money and means of production and control the people.
    Socialists know best how to kill production, kill economies, kill the human spirit through coercion/control and kill people.
    Nazi’s = socialists, Communists = socialists, Marxist/Lenninist = socialists.
    2nd amendment is the only thing standing between ultimately a free society and the dictators and their ignorant minions.
    They know it and we know it.
    Gary, continue to shine the light on the darkness that is the left.

  3. Bravo Gary. Brilliant and Incisive. Capitalists must become just as dedicated and ruthless as the Socialists or we will be defeated.

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