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The Debt Lie!

Federal spending in billions of dollars:

2001- $1,862.8
2005- $2,472
2009- $3,517.7
2014- $3,506.3
2019- $4,447

2020 started the covid spending years. Covid necessitated a major increase but since, spending should be dropping like a stone. Instead:

Joe Biden’s latest proposal? Approximately $6.8 trillion. Our rusty abacus states that this is over a 50% increase in the size of government from 2019 and higher than the 2020 covid spending…a gargantuan move to solidify power in a place called DC.

And oh yea, that $2.3 trillion increase comes with a $2 trillion deficit. This, from a man who continues to stand in front of the camera to tell us how well he has done with debt and deficits and that his new package will lower both. He also states he is actually lowering spending. This is almost as bad as the lie that he cut child poverty in half because of a tax credit.

Peeps, the greatest con in history continues. We could only get here with the help of all in DC. There are no innocents. The great con is that we must raise the debt ceiling because it is money already spent. Yeah…money already spent that they know they don’t have. Yeah…that’s the ticket. The president is trying to tell us cutting a few pennies from this gargantuan number will take food off the table and cut welfare. Again, the greatest of cons. Telling us more debt is what we need. Again, the greatest of cons. Ratings services, economists and the treasury secretary telling us the answer is more debt. The people we are all supposed to depend upon to defend us against this debt nightmare are on the opposite side of economics 101. Feel better now?.

We only wish they were being asked about these hard dollar numbers. Not sure they would last 1 minute with our questions about the hard dollars and the lies being spewed about it. It is a guarantee that we are headed to $50 trillion of debt. It is a guarantee that we are headed over $1 trillion of our tax dollars every year going towards interest. It is a guarantee that this will eventually hit a painful wall. It is a guarantee that they will just all blame each other. It is a guarantee that we will be the victims as one by one, they retire to their cushy lairs after spending us into oblivion.

It’s good to see some on the right finally upset about spending and debt but where were they when they were in power? The last guy who told us it would be easy to cut deficits down to zero came in and raised spending markedly himself. Art of the deal anyone?

We must repeat. This president is trying to increase the size of government by over 50% from the year before covid with a $2 trillion deficit while he pats himself on the back telling us how great he has been with deficits and spending. Yup!

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  1. I love seeing the breakdown of dollars. I think the up coming election in 2024 to be in our favor, we need to emphasize economics. People who hate trump will continue to hate trump. We need to bring on board the independents. When talking politics with friends talk money. Don’t get in the weeds about social issues. Thanks Steve

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