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The Closing Look

Stock Market Commentary:

Stocks rallied sharply on Friday after the Bank of Japan surprised the Street and took rates into negative territory and continued their QE (money printing) program. This is an aggressive move to help stimulate their market and boost their lackluster economy. Remember, Japan’s stock market just dipped into bear market territory two weeks ago when it fell 20% from its recent high. In the U.S., GDP slowed considerably in Q4 2016, growing by only +0.7%, missing estimates for 0.9%. The weaker than expected GDP reading may help the Fed keep rates near zero for longer than initially expected. Remember, Wall Street loves easy money so we are back in the environment where bad news is good news.

Gary’s Thoughts: Bad is good again…for now!


  1. The carry trade will have a field day with this one.
    Central bank’s race to the bottom.
    Gold has only modestly responded to this. Something fishy here.
    Growth remains in the dumpster.
    Take Peyton and the points…story book finish.

  2. Still “Jaggy” I feel, if this markets falls for the next few days, we are still in sync with 08.

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