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We pay a lot more attention to the big picture but needed to let you know those vital, vital, vital longer-term support levels are still holding. Go take a gander at the S&P right on the 200 day moving average. Go look where the DOW is sitting, in and around the Feb lows. The FINANCIALS (XLF) right at support.

This does not take away from the further carnage in a bunch of TECH/INTERNET names today with AMAZON taking the brunt but them major averages are still holding…and as we write this, AMAZON has cut its losses in half….


  1. Yawn,
    nothing going on in the market.

    Yoda’s two indicators show nothing in the charts,, er aah, unless Yoda looks out to the weekly….

    The weekly chart says, “go play golf,,
    change will come,
    not yet.
    EOM_R ( end of month_ rally).
    EOQ_ R ( end of quarter_ rally ).

    So far, nope, Yawn…..
    In the NEWS:

    Humm…. ??

    Trump, just put more sanctions on Russia.

    Russia wants to be America’s best friend, instead, we in USA,, we piss on the Russians, then ally ourselves to the Jews, ( As the Jews slowly cut our throats. ).

    Russia now hates our guts, … the result, .. instead of a USA/ Russia/ Western Europe alliance, countering the rise of China; Russia, is wedding itself,….. to the rise of China.

    Looming Superpower competition…
    USA, Europe, Israel -VS- Russia, China, South Asia..

    The global stage is being set for a great big,
    BANG !

  2. Back to wrestling. Best matches ever were between Professor Boris Malenko and Wahoo McDaniels… Events were so popular that Paul Boesch had to actually turn away customers due to sold out crowds. So he scheduled the final matchup in the Houston Astrodome!!

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