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  1. Mr. Kaltbaum; Thank goodness that I found your podcast and do listen to it daily or early the morning the next day. I became convinced in your guidance after investing in areas that you said many times to stay out of that area (SPACs, Crypto, etc.). Again, I do enjoy your daily podcast.

    My question to you today is how can anyone put new money into this market with all the variables that are there and will be there into 2023? For example, 1) Regardless of the november elections, when are the elected officials address the budget deficit? When are we going to stop spending on programs (ie. semiconductor, reduced build back better, green energy, climate) and not paying for them? 2) We still don’t see an administration changing their priorities and forcing things down our throats….. Who’s behind the curtain and when are they going to get exposed? 3) Leadership must change in Congress and not continue to two-step with this administration.

    Again, thank you for providing clarity. I want to invest when the opportunity is right but I have a hard time believing these people in Washington are going to do anything right. I look forward to listening to your guidance.


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