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  1. Gary, this is my first message to you. I am enjoying listening to you on the radio. Re: Robocalls. 2 years ago, our government in Washington DC finally did something and passed a regulation asking that the phone companies to fix the problem, since they had the technological capabilities to stop the calls, but did not have the will to do so. They gave the phone co’s 2 years to implement the solutions, but as of today, only 20% of them did. Now many people are really pissed at them and the Attorney Generals of all the states are going after the phone co’s! Yes! In the interim, I have been using the Nomorobo app on my phones (land line and iPhone). It costs $2/month and is worth it. After 2 weeks, it cut down these calls by 98%.I hope this may help you. Best regards, Morey Schapira

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