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  1. Sorry, but I’m going to pivot to politics from earlier negative comments about Vivek. Vivek has made his quotes clear to Sean Hannity tonight .around the 9:30 EST point in the interview. . Be careful when you call him an anti semite. When you do, you just promote DJT. Vivek is the most intelligent choice, a little naive, maybe, he speaks in long phrases that are easy prey for media hacks. He’s far more mature & articulated of a candidate. Please search to find his actual opinions, not the summarized podcast quotes in print. Vivek also pushed back against CNN & MSNBC interviews today. The Sean Hannity interview allowed him to explain his points as intended. You want a better America? Look at this guy & scrutinize what is published & don’t believe the media on first glance on either side. They all take him to be a threat. BTW, love your logic love your conviction, love your family values. You’re a friend to me in a lonely upside down world.

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