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  1. Here’s my nomination for Grandfather . Since your middle name is Brian per internet search, I propose the contraction “GB”, which sorta rhymes and the B can be stretched out with excitement. Try sounding it out!

  2. Gary, I have a number of Grandpa names for you. Zaidi is a natural one for you. So is Saba (Hebrew). Here are some others I hope you like: Pops (the best pro basketball coach), Popsi, Pappy, Poppy, G-pa, Big Daddy (since you are buff), Oupa, Jiji, Buddy, G-pop, and Grampster. Good luck in choosing one of those.

    I love your Conviction Leaders service.

  3. Hello Gary Congrads on the new grandson. In relation to a name “and not using Granddad or Grandpa
    In my family I always called my grandfather on my dad’s side by his name — Robert — not sure how this happened or whats the history behind this — but the suggestions is why not just use your name
    GARY or GrandGary ?? Just a suggestion.
    Again Congrads on the new child.