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  1. Gary, you’ve nailed it again,every single time since I started listening everyday, twice a day, on biz talk radio from my CA prison cell. I really listened this time, and going back to the Veteran’s Day 2021 podcast when you told us “save this” and refer back to “Coast to Coast”. What inning would you say we are in of the coast to coast? Wish I could be a member of both you and Adam’s services but I can’t afford it, or access it in a timely manner but quite frankly your program does enough to point me in the right direction. Current I only have an $1500 brokerage account, thanks Biden, but I’ve been learning  since 2015 from you and Adam and that education has been worth a thousands time that or at least that’s the plan I strive to accomplish when I get released in a couple years. I’m studying, internalizing and implementing Adam new amazing PA book theories with every new chapter! (I suggest you plug his book on the show cause he’s been a loyal friend, and back up host, saw your initials in the acknowledgements,plus the book could serve the world psychological, especially individuals like me who needed Adam to dumb it down but make implementing new psychology simple and highly effective) Anyways, no more dumb money beast actions for me in life. I invested in his book and myself and without question, it’s already helping me become a professional manager of my mindset, habits, and the limiting human nature choices that brought me here. My plan when I’m released is to positively benefit the world around me and I’ll have the complete psychological make-up to do it, find work, save money, eventually trade full time, produce a life that mutually benefits my family, serves others and anyone else willing to acknowledge my transformation to a whole person. I am forever grateful for your political and market education, bringing the travel channel to life when you broadcast during vacation and Adam totally grew on me over the years to where I like hearing him more than you, just kidding, but wow, after reading his book, I woke lol (I know you don’t use that word)
    I felt compelled, that in the most sincere way I know how to let you know that you both are being heard in the most obscure parts of the nation, behind prison walls and helping others become better individuals! Reading Adam’s book is a more complete form of mental rehabilitation then 90% of the material I’ve been exposed to in 13 years. I’m sharing the knowledge everyday with others on how to become your personal superhero! His psychology insight ex the financial markets is needed here desperately among the population and could be translated into a rehabilitation course that would  change thousands of lives for the better! You are two incredible individuals coming together as a wonderful team passing on a wealth of priceless knowledge. I hope I passed your test of ” just be nice” ? Please forgive any grammer errors and I wish you and your loved ones well, Ty

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