More QE and not by accident! Government run markets get even bigger!

We had so many other things to say today but as we woke up, futures are flying. The first thing we thought was another announcement of printing of money. And away we go. Japan, who we believe has been printing and easy for about 700 years…announces an additional monster amount of printing. This was no accident. This was a coordinated effort to get the gravy train continuing as our Fed could not go back on their word of stopping QE…so someone else picked up the slack. Money printing is a worldwide, coordinated effort. They refuse to let the markets trade on their own. The corporation called “Government Run Markets” just expanded. We will give this company the stock symbol GRM.

Major indices are amazingly gapping up to or just above old highs. We have now seen the mother of all V-Shaped moves. We have told you that no matter what the markets look like, if they surprise and expand the money printing, all bets on the downside would be off.

Now that everyone is frothed up, just a last little word to the wise. The recent nauseating drop ended with a big gap to the downside and a gargantuan reversal to the upside.

Weekend report is up next.

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  1. jim garcia
    jim garcia says:

    The question now Gary, will this “New normal” last another 25-35 years before it bursts? If so, it won’t matter to most of us. And our kids won’t know the difference because it’ll be “normal”.

  2. robert
    robert says:

    I’d suspect banks, and governments have at last found the solution for inflation resulted printing.

    Print, spend; then direct the used money into the stock market before it can enter the general economy,,, where it would have a multiplication effect, and inflate the price of goods, and services.

    If they dump the “used money” into the stock market, before it can enter the economy, it’s velocity drops to zero, and who cares.
    Those who hold stocks have their assets go up, ( inflation ! ) and general inflation in the economy is held down; and banks, and governments can spend wildly, with little to no consequence..

    Why should they stop ?

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