A few thoughts in and out of the market:


Not one person will be deported out of DACA. Not one.

The coins:

Kodak (KODK) announces a coin. Goes from $3.10 to $6.80 yesterday. Trading at $11.50 this morning. But there is no bubble!

Notice many of the other “questionable” blockchain/coin stocks have been slaughtered. Do not be the last one in.


That was one hell of a one hour meeting in front of the cameras yesterday. That was Trump telling all the famed psychiatrists like Dr Mika and Dr Joe that everything is fine. As always, you decide.

Tax bill:

More and more bonuses. More and more wage hikes. More and more investments. While, as we wrote yesterday, a company like Tim Hortons takes away because of mandated higher wages by government. Repercussions!

The markets:

Continue to watch COMMODITIES. Energy, oils, steel, copper, aluminum, palladium…all continue to soar. Gold and silver also getting a bid. Energy prices are at 2 year highs. We have been told the ultimate outcome of all the central bank nonsense of printing of trillions, negative rates and 0% rates for 8 years has to be a good bout of inflation. Has not happened yet but always keeping one eye out as we do not believe economics 101 is dead…regardless of central bank interference.

Watch long rates. On the verge of breaking out of near-term range. If successful, watch 10 year head towards 3%…the highs going back to 2014.

Sentiment and complacency remain at extreme levels while major indices are at extreme extended levels. Just saying! Also, just saying…we will get a correction eventually. No really.

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  1. Victor Hass
    Victor Hass says:

    Hi Gary, I like reading your comments most of the times. I want to give you a positive criticism here. you are always in the gray, make your point straight, eliminate sarcasm because it confuses what you want to say, so basically you are neutralizing what you saying. look at this statement of yours (Also, just saying…we will get a correction eventually. No really.), is there is a correction or NOT, I know it is your opinion!!!
    Have a wonderful day!

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