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AYX, CROX, SYNH, WING, PRAH, WIFI, FIT, HPQ, CELG, AAOI, BKNG, SQ, TDOC. In this list, BKNG and SQ stick out…but what sticks out more is a decent amount of gaps to the downside. Maybe it is nothing. We just wanted to point it out out.

Our thoughts from a couple of days back that markets may have hit a near term wall is coming to fruition. So far, it is nothing more than a pullback. The only group that is really rolling over is the MANAGED CARE with names like UNH, WCG, HUM, CI, CNC breaking down. ANTM gapped up on numbers and is just pulling back. After this group, not seeing anything that looks like it…yet.

The SOX should continue to be watched. They are pulling back bu notice they were down much worse during the day yesterday.

Futures are hardly down on the S&P after being down markedly overnight. NASDAQ futures a little bit worse because of BKNG.

Gapping to the upside are JD, CVNA, MNST, BILI,


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