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GOOGLE not helping the cause today…down $100 on their numbers…but that is only giving back what it gained past 2 weeks. Not a lot of trouble in sympathy.

But PI and NXPI gapping up in the SEMICONDUCTOR group ON MORE LOSSES. We are not sure we have ever seen so many good reactions in the space on crappy numbers. Guidance is not that much better.  MCD has a little gap to the upside to new all time highs…on a 1% drop in earnings and another 4% drop in sales.

OIL prices up strong this morning. Pay attention to this. Have you seen the price at the pump?

FINANCIALS edged above some range yesterday as rates moving back up on the long end.

Tomorrow…the Fed…blah blah easy money…blah blah ready to ease more if necessary…blah blah.

We get asked about weed stocks every day. We get scam calls from weed private equity scammers every day.  Please check out valuations before jumping in. We shall not stand in your way because we know fad bubbles can last a while. Just realize a TLRY went from $300 to $52.

Joe Biden now in the race. Watched his big roll out in PA yesterday. Disappointed! Why do we continue to get the same old same old from the same old. Rich versus poor. The wealthy did not earn it. You are where you are because the wealthy screwed you. The wealthy get all the benefits. Blah blah blah. We repeat. The higher taxes, the more rules, regulations, fees, fines, mandates and all that crap that keep being proposed in order for the masses to get a leg up…does the opposite. All that crap does not hurt the wealthy. It just prevents others from becoming wealthy as they take more and more from you as you strive to move up.

Beto calling for $5 trillion to fight climate change…or something like that. Eh…it’s only $5 trillion. Remember, not one of these proposals tells any one of us what they will do and what the money goes towards. As usual, there is no accountability of where the dollars go. Again…you cannot stop hurricanes. You cannot stop tornadoes. You cannot stop the cold, the heat, the wind, the rain. The gall of these people telling you that they can. IT IS JUST ANOTHER MONEY GRAB! Don’t believe us. Just ask them.

John Singleton passes away from a stroke at a very young age. Go look up his bio because all too often, people are forgotten until they die.



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  1. The dilemma is that the Democrats recognize that there are inequities between the rich and poor but instead of acknowledging that they are not in a position to help, take advantage of the situation to push these stupid proposals to get votes. Taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor will not change the fact that no one advocates for the poor. For example it is cities that are allowing the rich, ie Blackstone, to buy up low cost housing and replace them with luxury apartments. To the rich it is a good investment, to the city, it is improving the cityscape. To the low wage unskilled worker, it is forcing them out of their home and potentially no where else to live. If a community wants to avoid pressure to raise minimum wage, they must preserve areas where low income people that serve then food, stock their stores, and care for their elders can subsist and be happy and must provide good schooling and a curriculum that reinforces the advantage of the family unit.

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