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We stated on radio yesterday that we thought we were hitting a short term wall. This was based on sentiment going coast to coast but also lots of tails to the downside yesterday off of very extended short-term conditions. We must tell you a pullback/correction/sitting would be terrific at this point. It sets things up better, pulls in things better and gets the bulls a little worried.

At his juncture, we do not believe any pullback would be troublesome but more controlled. Of course, that can always change and will let you know. There are a bunch of names that had strong gaps and moves off of earnings and will be watching them to see how they act in here.

Gaps this morning…AZO with a big gap even though sales flat. THC, DDS, HTZ, MOS and MNK are up. HD not helping the cause down over $6…a Dow name. Also, TREE, MEDP, SHAK are down.

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  1. Hi Gary, welcome back from your Israel trip. My wife and saw you on bull and bears yesterdays show (2-25-19). The discussion about “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” from the Democrat and some of the republicans on the show was embarrassing and playing to the lefts strategy. One woman who i thought was a conservative called you “extreme” in your views. Watching and listening to your content we know the reverse is true. Just saying keep up the good work. We all are and in a battle for this country’s future. Recent new full time resident of Northeast Florida who escaped NJ.

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