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-We are really nice people. If we had friends, they would tell you. So when we blast  the people in government, it is on behalf of the masses that are hopefully, sick and tired of what these interlopers in the markets have done…enabled massive debt, massive deficits and massive leverage to strengthen DC’s power base. These people are drunk on higher and higher prices, more and more debt as it is their mother’s milk. We are sure you have heard. That guy Mnuchin who last week stated that everything was fine, the market was overblown, the economy is great and all that crap goes back to the Paulson/Bernanke playbook. What’s the matter? Your friends on Wall Street cannot stand a bearish market? Your friends on Wall Street who again amassed trillions of leverage via that dirty word “derivatives” cannot take any downside?-
-Those who have known us, listened to us, watched us, tolerated us, know we cannot stand anyone who interferes with free markets. Markets are supposed to be the free flow of investing and trading by investors and traders…not by some government dolts that feel they have to play God with the free flow of markets. We loathe central banks. We loathe people like Paulson, Bernanke, Draghi, Yellen, Kuroda, Mnuchin and the rest that think they are emperors of the world because they used to either hang their hat at that place that keeps sending them to D.C. or they graduated at a place that told them what kind of geniuses they were. Don’t you love these people who made bazillions off of free markets now cannot stand to have free markets when they go the wrong way? We have news for them. They will only cause more trouble because if the bubble they created has indeed been popped, then they are just putting off the inevitable that will be worse than the norm as they have done nothing more than stopped price discovery.-
-This Mnuchin dude has shown he is just another that has made zillions living off of OPM and does not have a clue what real markets are about. This is unfortunate because he is arguably the #1 or #2 money man on earth. We thought we got rid of all the easy money people from the Obama administration but it looks like they were pikers compared to these charlatans who pretended to be free market conservatives who are now running the show. Free market conservatives our —. In case you have not seen this, enjoy! With markets stretched, extended and oversold, they had better react well to this latest nonsense! Please notice that some in these meetings are companies that got big taxpayer bailouts…and Citi is still down over 90% from the highs.Again, we are really nice people.-


  1. Hi Gary
    I follow your commentary pretty closely,
    Are you saying the FED is too hawkish or did they cave?

  2. I don’t think it’s what it appears

    The plan is to get rid of fed and go back to gold standard

  3. Privatize profits socialize losses. Heads I win tails you lose. I think they feel they are entitled to that.

    Since everybody that voted for TARP lost in the next election I would think Congress would think twice before doing anything that smells of a bailout again, but maybe that is giving them too much credit.

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