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Less than thrilled about the market here.

We are less than thrilled at what we are seeing here. End of quarter today not so good. 50% of the market is already bearish…which makes us watch the other 50% closely. When markets are at or near highs, a 50% number is more than subpar…telling us fewer and fewer soldiers are going up the mountain. So pay attention here. Specifically, pay attention to the biotechs and to a little lesser extent, the semis. You already know our thesis on the biotechs. This is where the risk is…which cuts both ways. When it works, it works well. When it doesn’t, look out. Time to watch the BIB,IBB and BBH. All held the 50 day recently but now looking like a potential lower high. A break back below the 50 day would be worrisome because if the big strength gets taken out, the not so big strength goes bye bye. So again, pay attention here.

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  1. GOLD observation: Commercial hedgers seem to have cut back on their hedging substantially since Feb 1

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