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We take the pedal off the medal here as I am seeing some signs that dont thrill. The 3D stocks like DDD/SSYS, which have led…cheesed. RAX failing. Wide and loose AMZN…combined with the very extended market…and we kick back. Doesn’t mean we go and sell…just kick back. Nothing wrong with a little pullback from time to time. Separates the men from the boys. Will cover trading tactics in the morning.
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  1. Armin Ruud
    Armin Ruud says:

    Hi Gary,
    You mention the cost of the Iraq war is $1.0 trillion, now $2.0 trillion. I think that might only be the supplemental appropriations, not all of it. The big costs of war start AFTER the army withdraws from the battlefield. Medical care, all kinds of benefits….

    In 2009 Barron’s estimated the total costs of Iraq would be $4.0 to $6.0 trillion. Then, last year CNN confirmed “$6.0 trillion!”

    If we had spent $6.0 trillion on the infrastructure in this county, EVERY major company in the world would want to come here.


  2. Armin Ruud
    Armin Ruud says:

    Re: Civilian labor force participation
    Hi Gary,
    I couldn’t copy the chart, but, the St. Louis Fed chart shows the rate back to 1948. Participation was around 59% from 1948 to 1966, when it started up. So, it has only retreated half way back to 1966. I know what you are saying, I don’t think payrolls are very strong.

    Remember in the 1950’s when a working blue collar father could pay off a mortgage, have a car and send two kids to college, on one salary?

    Now, futurists say robots will replace 70 million jobs in like the next 20 years, but, there will be plenty of goods for all. So, how will this plenty get distributed to all who don’t work without chaos?
    Work is always what made people feel worthy.


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