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Hey…it’s impeachment day.


Remember…it is WE THE PEOPLE. We are not defined by the bias of both sides of the aisle/government. They are nothing without us…not the other way around. We think they in DC have forgot that. On purpose, all of them have grown the government to where federal, state and local will spend $6 t0 $7 trillion dollars this year. We do not think the founding fathers would be for this. They have all created a monster where every day, $3 billion is added to our debt and grows every day. Every day, $1.5 billion of our tax dollars goes towards interest on the debt created and grows every day. Social security recipients do not get checks from their own money that was taken out of their check. They get paid by today’s workers. What happened to the lock box? We are told they need more money for infrastructure even though a ton of money they already receive was and is supposed to go to infrastructure and even though President Obama promised his $800 billion stimulus would go towards shovel ready infrastructure projects. We know what got shoveled. We are now at $23 trillion of debt and counting yet they continue to raise their spending every year. They used to fight over the debt ceiling. In the year 2,000, federal spending was $1.8 trillion. In the next year, that number will be hitting near $5 trillion. Just what the heck are they doing with all of our tax dollars. Even though we send them record amounts every year, they are still running $1 trillion+ deficits. Many of the culprits have been in office for decades. Many that leave become lobbyists. We continue to have a compliant central bank that is back to printing a run rate of $1 trillion+ of printed conjured up money, more than Bernanke printed when we had close to double digits unemployment. This does nothing more than screw the savers while raising asset prices. You want your inequality? There it is.

Impeachment? Yes it is big. We believe the fix was in before the man even walked into the White House but others will vehemently disagree. We have bigger news for all of you while markets hit new highs off of no earnings and sales growth this year but 51 rate cuts in the past 6 months and trillions of printed money. There are bigger fish to fry longer term than the nasty politics of these miserable failures with our hard earned dollars on both sides of the aisle.

Again…it is still WE THE PEOPLE. There is 325 million of us and only 535 + an administration of them. We still have the numbers.

It’s impeachment day. Pure politics. Nothing more. WE THE PEOPLE move on.


  1. Gary – been following you regularly since 2004, and have never passed on one of your comments, whether market or politically related.
    Today I’m send your comments out to many.
    Thanks for the relentless awareness campaign to highlight our debt.

    Bill Waainwright.

  2. Well said!
    Impeachment of our elected President (the one WE chose by our own vote)? How about impeachment of all those elected officials who are driving this debacle! .
    The charge??? Waste , fraud, and abuse upon the people those folks are supposed to be representing…. OUR interests, Not theirs.
    While we are at it….we vote for term limits for our politicians! Two terms & you are OUT!
    No more making a living by being a politician. That is not what our founding fathers expected when they agreed to represent their constituents.

  3. Thanks for being logical and not afraid to voice a common sense opinion, I’m a loyal listener of many years..GO GARY!!!

  4. Gary,
    Thanks for your accurate and cogent comments. That’s why I catch you whenever I can, either here in your daily missive or on Fox Business. You know what’s going on, the good and the bad. Today was not a good day for America, but DC has been mistreating us for decades. Just look at the massive debt DC ran up on us.
    Keep up your cogent analysis. It’s much appreciated.

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