BOEING (BA), is up $22-$23 on strong sandbagged numbers. That will be good for 150 Dow points, give or take…and if nothing changes by the open.

APPLE (AAPL) is up $8 from yesterday’s close. These were not growth stock numbers as sales were down…and look no better for the coming quarter.

ANTHEM (ANTM) up a juicy $19 in the MANAGED CARE space.

AMD misses, guides down…but then says rest of year better. The stock is up 9%. So you miss…you guide down but then are supposed to be believed you will get the rest of the year correct?

A few blow-ups in ALGN, AMGN, ILMN, COHR, SLAB, MKSI, JNPR.

Of note from yesterday…both PHM and WHR in the HOUSING and HOUSING-RELATED area open down nicely and reverse with WHR up strong. This is to be watched as rates have come down and the Fed doing a 180. Also, duh…as we told you would happen, Draghi, ye of the ECB now says they could do more QE if necessary. This after claiming they would stop and tighten. Remember who there people are.

Powell today…blah blah blah data dependent blah blah blah we have necessary tools blah blah blah markets better blah blah blah incoming data…blah blah blah.



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