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  1. Why is it that so many people believe a lie with no facts behind the evidence on global warming or the ice cap melting resulting in loosing the east coast? The Bible states in the last days that they will believe a lie rather than the truth and that good becomes evil and evil becomes good. It also mentions children disobeying parents and goes on to stating wars and rumors of wars. It is amazing that a book written 2000 years ago and longer is the most current book on today’s issues, but not to many read it any more, not even Christians. Know the Federal government and the IRS want to stop preachers preaching the truth, separation of church only stops the church speaking the truth to groups, but not the Federal government forcing to abide their rules or be shut down, example, Hobby Lobby, a business owner who rejects marring a gay couple, or Chick-fil-a stating there believe and the list goes on. It is not homophobia, but God phobia. In the Old Testament when Israel rejected Jehovah, God sent the enemy in to take them into slavery, this country has never witnessed an enemy attack with the exception of Pearl Harbor and 9/11. I hope this country wakes up before it is to late, “a spiritual awakening”. I enjoy your commentaries and market outlook, God bless, David

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