A Future Consumption Tax to Fix Today’s Economy

The man who wrote this op-ed back in 09 was just nominated by President Obama to become the next chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers. I feel much better. Can’t they find anyone who has at least run a lemonade stand? Too many academicians setting policy. They just love your money!

A Future Consumption Tax to Fix Today’s Economy – NYTimes.com 





  1. If he actually did select someone with a reasoned outlook, just imagine the internecine squabbles that might be set off in the other affiliated agencies.. better to keep all oars in the water rowing to the official cadence and not take a chance of somehow avoiding the falls.
    As a brighter than normal individual one observed, “It would be better to have your fate decided by one hundred randomly selected names from the Boston phone book than by our elected representatives” God help us.

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