I do not know what this portends for the whole market but some of my favorite growth stocks have been breaking into new high ground. Normally, this is good news for the rest of the market but so far, most of the market looks horrid. So…keeping it in the file manage that APPLE, AMAZON, MASTERCARD, POLO RALPH LAUREN and a few others have moved out. Just keep in mind, they are moving out of late stage bases…so watching closely. Late stage bases are more prone to failure. Just noting a potential good sign.


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  1. Well in the end no matter how good the entrails of that sheep look, the sheep dies.
    too many bad actors in the game lately in the Euro and our own politically driven soap opera..
    I am waiting for some dust to settle.
    I agree with you that market timing is the only game that makes sense, other than that you are putting your money on 36 black and hoping…but in times like these… it’s better left to the professionals like you Gary… guys like me really are resigned to following tracks in the dark instead of watching the herd.
    this market is not for the faint of heart.
    I have a question tho, have you ever seen a market so manipulated by political forces to this degree?
    I am serious..

    1. The past 4 years have been one of government manipulation and control…and it never ends…but when all is said and done, it will continue to hurt the average person.

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