GOLD is on the move as it broke above some more resistance. GOLD STOCKS are doing the same with a few names at new yearly highs. Normally, we would tell you this is because a weak dollar. While the dollar has been down, it has not been down much. To be watched. Silver also participating.

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    kent hughes says:

    What level on the S and P do you think the bears start to get a bit nervous? I was thinking around 2676 but would like your opinion.

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      anti semite says:

      Wait for the uup to break below support, and hold the pullback.
      If yes, market rally, gold rally.
      If no the market can hold here for awhile. Gold ?, dunno.
      My personal chart indicators are telling me that any rally here, is simply eom ( End of month window dressing ) and a February pull back is in the offing.
      Q: How deep a market pull back ?
      A: watch the dollar.

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