The moderators:

Why were there almost as many moderators as candidates? How is it possible they waited 83 minutes to ask about the Coronavirus and actually asked about sodas before that? When Sanders again complimented Castro but called Netanyahu a racist…where was the follow up on the facts? Did they even hear Sanders say he wants to give money to blacks and Hispanics in order to sell marijuana? Not one follow up. And not one question, we repeat, not one question on UPWARD MOBILITY, HARD WORK, WEALTH, SUCCESS, FAILURE, SWEAT, TOIL, RUGGED INDIVIDUALISM, GROWTH, LEADERSHIP, THE GREATNESS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, THE GREATNESS OF AMERICAN BUSINESS and so on. Moderators should be flexible. Moderators should react to the answers. Moderators should dig deeper. These moderators…a complete swing and a miss.

Sanders likes Castro…hates Netanyahu. Yes…the place in the Middle East where Jews, Muslims, Christians, whites, blacks, gay. straight…every race, every creed, every color…live together, work together, play together. Yes…the place where as you travel the highways, you see buildings with every major corporation with their names on the buildings. Israel, a miracle in the Middle East that has been overseen by Netanyahu for years but he is the racist but Castro taught literacy. Not a word of any of this from the moderators OR THE OTHER CANDIDATES. Not a word digging deeper into Sanders kissing up to Castro, Chavez, Maduro  and the rest of that ilk. Another gigantic missed opportunity.

Sanders says he is not authoritarian and does not like authoritarians. Let’s see…higher taxes, massive taxes, financial transaction tax, the green new deal, 8% yearly wealth confiscation, shoving 150 million Americans off their health insurance, more regulations, more fees, more fines, more mandates, taking the profits away from companies, eradicating industries, breaking up industries. On video, calling for a 100% tax on anything above $1 million. On video calling for the state to take over industries. On video, praising every creep that have run countries and people into the ground…but not one follow-up question on any of this from moderators and no big swings by the others on stage on this obvious authoritarianism.

Biden…better but still gaffe prone. Better but feels like no separation. Better.

Bloomberg…much better…had to be much better. Still not doing what he should be doing on how he became such a great businessman. Continues to miss a gigantic opportunity by explaining how Sanders has lived off the tax payer his whole life while pissing all over the successful and wealthy while Bloomberg worked his tail off creating wealth, jobs, success, philanthropy. Quite a missed opportunity telling the young people that it is not terrible to strive for greatness. Wealth and success are not dirty words. But…nope!

Warren….acting like she is now running for VP under Sanders. The usual. Nothing different. 2 cent wealth tax. No…it’s 2% and no, you have raised the maximum to 6%. Moderators did not call her on this.

Buttigieg…fading in the backstretch…felt like was talking too much about others and not about himself. But a magnificent effort getting where he is.

Klobucher…no harm, no foul but just not resonating enough.

Steyer…amazing. Managed a $20 billion hedge fund…became wealthy and successful beyond all imagination but that all sucks.

As you can see, we concentrate on Sanders as he is the lead horse. But he is also the lead economic nightmare of epic proportions. His whole mantra is a con game doing a good job of convincing people success and wealth are corrupt and that your lot in life will only be better by him taking care of you while taking down others a few notches. They do not understand just yet that the reason Sanders rips success and wealth on a daily basis is because success and wealth are the enemy of people like Sanders. Success and wealth cannot be conned. Success and wealth run circles around people like Sanders who has never created a dime of wealth or a job.

Lots more to come as we move forward.