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-End of quarter.-

-Recent pullback anemic forming bullish wedges. (This simply means you draw a line from about 10 pm down to 5 pm. The DOW is the weakest but that has a lot to do with BOEING. (BA)-

-Yields are oversold and stretched to the downside along with financials. Bouncing this morning.-

-Bullish wedge pullbacks in important big names like AMZN.-

-RAILS either moving out of range or setting up off moving averages…(NSC, CSX, UNP) By the way, everyone is worried about recessions but we must tell you that there is no way in heck there is a recession coming here if RAILS are going topside. Markets are pretty smart.-

-Recent wicked action in leading software names reverse and are back in range. (with a few names that have broke support)…but most just back in range.-

-Today’s gap to the upside on supposedly good news on China trade has everything higher. But there really isnt any good news on China trade. It is just made up to “explain” why markets are gapping a bit this morning. We promise that if markets were gapping down, the headline would be “markets are down because nothing done on China trade.”-