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Futures up a few pennies after being down throughout the night. Then the usual planted story about China trade comes out and futures rally back up.

Yesterday, not so good but could have been a lot worse as a late day rally cut losses. So far, pullback but not the most harsh pullback. Yesterday, they came after leading tech breaking a few below the 50 day with others down towards that important level. But again, many names did bounce back some of the losses.

LULU huge gap on numbers takes it to new highs.

FIVE gaps even though they lowered guidance…go figure. PVH also with a nice gap. Remember, it is still end of quarter window dressing time even though it is illegal and does not happen.

And lastly, looks like LYFT trading today. Coming out around $70-72…higher than they thought. We shall see how it opens…probably nicely…of course, they lost almost $1 billion in the past year and will have losses for quite  a while…but since when has that stopped a hot IPO.