Hmmm…let’s see:

Hundreds of visits by IRS higher-ups to the White House…but nothing to see!

A clear and concise move by the IRS to harass, block, delay and audit conservative groups…but nothing to see!

Lois Lerner taking the 5th…but nothing to see.

A looooong delay with documents and emails to be given to investigators…but nothing to see.

And now…all of Lois Lerner’s emails have been lost…but nothing to see.

On top of this, not a peep from Eric Holder.

So being the voice of logic, we only have a couple of simple questions:

Who specifically reported the crash and was it just Lois Lerner’s emails?

Why weren’t normal back-up systems deployed?

And as usual…the paws in the air, tongues wagging, lying on their back, lapdog media hears no evil, sees no evil, speaks no evil.