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For Thursday, support holds!

We purposely put out support levels yesterday. Simply put, they either hold and give markets a chance or they give way and all heck potentially

We dig Aaron Rodgers!


Time for support levels!

First off, it is just too funny reading news reports on the Fed. We do not believe they are going to raise rates but if

The Fed says:

The Fed now says they can be patient on rates. Really. No kidding! As we have told you, unless the market forces their hand, the

Nice open! Bazinga!

Last night, our last words were: “We suspect the indices will show their hand soon enough.” As we write this, the Dow has a nice

Earnings time!

As we move into massive earnings and another fed week where they will say blah blah blah, maybe maybe maybe…markets remain range bound but possibly


As we enter the meat of earning’s season, as the ECB continuing to crush their own currency and even with the strong week, the motto

Rangebound to …

Markets have been rangebound for a decent amount of time. They remain rangebound but yesterday’s action took indices above the mid-point of that range with

And they say Republicons are fighting!