kaltbaum premarket

Let’s see:
Eurozone unemployment worse than expected…Germany retail sales worse than expected…oops…Europe announces they are looking at buying up short term stuff. What happens? Euro soars…European markets up strong…we gap up almost 1%…and this all before the Fed…OR someone on crooked Wall Street found out what the fed is going to do and is frontrunning. OR…others saying that market thinks Romney has a good chance to win after last night…and the market is reacting to that.
Ok…all that is noise…bottom line…markets hit resistance at the highs…have pulled back and have potentially formed cup and handles on the indices. The only thing service did yesterday was sell gold and silver. The service kept all the stocks…amzn,kors,rost,regn,tjx,tsco,wfm.
We now wait for 10 am noise from Mr Bubble. No clue what he says or does…and have no clue to the reaction. Hopefully, it is a good reaction and market can break out.
Will have a full report with leaders list over the holiday weekend. Enjoy the 3 days off.