kaltbaum email

Back in the USA. I get to drive in traffic tomorrow instead of cruising the Mediteranean…whahhhh!
IF the market is going to have a much better move from here, than why did the clouds crumble on Friday? Why did the semis croak? Why did software and a lot of tech get smoked? Just questions I ask myself.
Leading groups are housing, utilities, food, drugs, beverages, household products, reits…and I like the way airlines are setting up because of lower oil and the discount retailers popped again off of better numbers for ROST.
This tape is a pain in the rear…and that’s the way I will continue to treat it…very carefully as the moves are sudden and you never know when you are going to get gapped. Tons of earnings starting next Monday so be prepared.
Not adding anything tonight…but I am not thrilled I havent played the housing yet which is the #1 group right now. I will have list of leaders and updates on them tomorrow.
Service has aapl and v right now. Fortunately, aapl having a decent move.