I will have a bigger report covering the con artists as well as the market on Monday but wanted to send this short note out to you today.

Major averages are now back at longer-term support…where they held nicely the last time. Remember, support is just that…a place where the big money crowd stand up to defend the market. As I write this, the S&P is holding the 200 day. The Smallcap 600 is holding the 200 day. The NYSE, Midcap 400 and the Russell 2000 have undercut but as I write this, are trying to reverse.

It is early, so anything can happen by the close. Just wanted to let you know we are back to that important juncture where markets held back in June. Also, add in the fact that you could cut the bearishness with a knife as the con-artists try to scare the c–p out of the average hard working American who caused none of these problems. It is still early in the day…but markets have already been hit hard on the fake default crisis. THERE WILL BE NO DEFAULT!


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