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Hillary says we need tougher vetting of immigrants. Is she now a racist?

To Colin Kaepernick and the rest who are trying to make a point. Here is a point. Those same terrible men and women in uniform just risked their lives and caught a terrorist alive. This means there is a good chance we get others and get good intel. Do we hear any applause?

In case you are being told China is getting better, China’s total credit reached 255pc of GDP at the end of last year, a jump of 107 percentage points over eight years. Outstanding loans have reached $28 trillion, as much as the commercial banking systems of the US and Japan combined.

France has banned the use of plastic cutlery and crockery to aid in the battle of climate change. Love them priorities!

A study shows 15% of Venezuelans are on the brink of famine, saying they can only feed themselves with food waste discarded by commercial establishments while nearly 50% say they have to take time off from work to search for food!