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The assclowns are still running the show !

We are wearing a Dusty Rhodes tee shirt and black dockers on the red carpet tonight!

We continue to be amazed by those on Wall Street that continue to say we need more stimulus. We continue to be amazed by those that say central banks have more they can do. Are these people just wishful thinking or are they smoking the evil weed? Do these people not know that central banks have kept rates at 0% for years, printed $15-20 trillion and are still at it, entered the negative rate zone and that’s not enough? Are these people not able to count? Have they seen the numbers on the global debt rise that has been enabled by all this easy money sloshing around the globe? Do they not understand it is just all these actions by the so-called geniuses that have killed the potential for global economies to flourish? We are supposedly the sane one in the room, the country with the best economy. We say bulls–t to that. The fact is our debt has skyrocketed over $8 trillion under this administration. The fact is our central bank kept rates at 0% for 7 years and now we are supposedly tight at 1/4%. The fact is our central bank started the printing frenzy with their $4-5 trillion of money printing. But hey…facts do not mean s–t! Everything is just fine. Just ask the people running this comedy act.

We’ll talk markets tomorrow. Just had to get this off our chest after reading, watching and listening to the G-20 assclowns that have put us into this abyss. Don’t you feel better that they are still running the show?