AAPL up $7.85 off crappy numbers.

China trade talks break off but markets up on fed day.

Asian markets hit…worries in Hong Kong/China.

North Korea more weapons test. As we stated from the start, we dont blame Trump for trying but there was never ever ever a chance of this murderous thug of ever denuclearizing.

Visit the UK. The pound is down to 1.20. We remember when it was over 2.

BYND squashed on a $600 million secondary. We do not blame them. We would do the same thing.

Conagra– $10 billion sales–$1 billion profits–Market cap $14 billion—Owns:
Aunt Jemima
Chef Boyardee
Duncan Hines
Egg Beaters
Hungry Man
Jiffy Pop
La Choy
Marie Callender
Peter Pan
Slim Jim and about 25 other brands
Beyond Meat 240 million (coming year) sales– Losses $30 million— Market cap before yesterday…almost $14 billion.
Beyond Meat owns:
Beyond Meat.


The president may have added some kerosene to the recent distribution fire, especially in some tech that got hammered yesterday. The president tweeted some “bearish” rhetoric on the China trade deal. But don’t worry, the fed will be to the rescue tomorrow. (That was sarcasm!)

Seeing a little change of complexion here in tech. Does not mean the end of the world. Just know we have seen a lot of “feast or famine” in trading.

BYND down $35 as valuation remains a joke but shareholders selling a decent amount of stock. We dont blame them.

Watch the semis. They were due to pull back. So far, quite normal.

Tonight…we watch the socialists outdo each other on higher taxes and government control over our lives.


The SOX does a V-shape but now definitely overbought. No biggie if it pulls back.

Bad earnings are gapping up. No really. Companies with down sales and/or earnings are on the move.

Good earnings are really being bought up. It is these characteristics that define good action.

BUT…small caps, mid caps, transports, foreign markets continue to under-perform so for the most part, this is a large cap affair.

The maniacal fed is lowering rates this week. Europe is going to go even more negative with rates. Many other countries are lowering with China adding zillions to the system.

A zillion more names reporting soon. We will be concentrating on the best reactions with the strongest earnings and sales growth.




The continued jello moving on the plate earnings season.

GOOGL with the big sandbag…up $95…back into a big, wide base. EHTH, INTC, SBUX, TWTR and MCD on its usual no growth.

AMZN down but not as bas as you would think considering guidance was 50% below. EMN, GT, CARB, MHK, CHTR are just a few gapping down.

Yesterday, not a great day. NDX gapping up this morning on GOOGL. We shall see if it holds. Will wrap all this up on the weekend.



All about the earnings with lots of jello moving on the plate…thus we write you less. At the end of the week, will have a better idea. Earnings not so great but “beat the number” working as guidance sandbagged.

AMZN, GOOGL, INTC after the close.

We will say the SEMIS been leading on crappy numbers…but XLNX down $7…and verrrrry overbought group here.

Much more in the days ahead.