Investor’s Edge: 11/30/2015

Investor’s Edge: 11/30/2015

Chart Of The Day: What Is The Largest Retailer In The World Telling Us About The Holiday Shopping Season?

End of Month!

Earnings stink…sales stink…debt exploding…commodities in a deflationary spiral…central banks print 15-20 trillion…0% rates everywhere…negative rates in many places…Europe about to ease again…China intervenes on every down day…the Giants stink…my pinched nerve in my neck hurts…the nutjobs are out telling us global warming…we mean climate change is the biggest threat to the world. All’s well!

As far as markets…rallies are narrow…on most days, new lows are higher than new highs…but the markets hang in there as many of the major indices are within a few percent of their highs…despite the narrowness.

We are at end of month and then December…where we are told markets have to go higher. Okee dokee. We are all for it.

Tomorrow…we will give you in-depth everything that is working in this market. Have a great day!


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