They say here in Orlando that we have some of the greatest roller coasters in the world as Orlando does have quite the few amusement parks. But they have nothing on this market, nothing on a tweeting president, nothing on a central bank as they continue to move markets on a dime. Markets used to have a decent ebb and flow. Not any more. Washington DC has assured that. This morning, it is the Huawei thing. Up next?????????????????????

Two more thoughts…UBER…that was some crappy numbers and one thing not highlighted…continued deceleration of sales.

THE METS…3 above .500 and 1 behind wild card.

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    Patrick says:

    Gary, here’s the real deal on Uber and Lyft, it’s the biggest fraud since Charles Ponzi or Bernie Madoff.
    FACT: The Uber driver contracts are illegal per se because 1. They violate the Sherman Antitrust Act section 1, because they are written contracts which fix the maximum price of the passenger transportation across hundreds of thousands of “independent contractors ” so says the US Supreme Court in Arizona v Maricopa County Medical Society.
    2. The entire business model is illegal because it is a violation of federal law to sell or arrange passenger transportation to private motor vehicles for Compensation or as an occupation or business see 49 CFR 372.101.
    The States are prohibited from making these TNC permits and because they all agreed in exchange for federal MCSAP Grant Funding they would comply and enforce federal transportation law, including requiring passenger transportation in commercially registered vehicles. The State laws that permit this are unconstitutional and preempted.
    The reason the feds made it illegal is because this was done before in this country and it lead to passengers being abandoned on the side of the road, some were murdered, some raped, and some just assaulted…sounds just like today’s headlines, Uber driver shot a passenger…Lyft driver in San Francisco charged with sexually assaulting 4 women.

    What a business and they still can’t turn a profit (except for the sale of stock for the insiders)

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