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    Robert Carberry says:

    My friend posted this on his Facebook page, I’m on the same page but I can’t put it into words like he can

    Trump takes fire from two directions (leftist Democrats and crony capitalists) for good reason. He’s the sole threat to their wellbeing. He stands in the way of their plans.
    Those two groups entered into an unholy alliance years ago to sell out the US and the American middle class for their gain: more votes and power for the radical left; higher margins and profits for the global corporatists.
    Joe Biden’s corruption and treason is the epitome of this.
    Trump understands that and shut down the gravy train. He marched into the temple and turned over the money changers’ tables. Thank God he did.
    He’s the only person saving this country from ruin right now. His policies have been effective in finally shifting wealth and opportunity back to the working and middle class — especially for minorities. But Trump is the cabal’s mortal enemy. They will stop at nothing to stop him.
    That’s why this election is so important. Maybe the most important ever. Even if people don’t like Trump, easy to understand considering his personality, they need to vote for him. Other options — voting for Biden or NOT voting at all — will be devastating for our country.
    Trump, despite his blemishes, has been effective in blunting the impact of these two groups who only care about their own power and wealth. They are not patriots. They do not love this country. They can not be allowed to get control of the government
    It’s crucial you encourage others to vote for Trump. Explain who our enemies are. Explain what’s at stake. Media bias and increasing censorship make it more important than ever for this to happen one-on-one. This may be our only chance. Don’t blow it.

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