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  1. Victor Cardinali
    Victor Cardinali says:

    Gary, I’ve listened to you for at more than a decade. I respect you and admire you for the work you selflessly do for the rest of us. What are you turning into? I Wylie a response. Politically I ask. You complain about the regeneration of our economy and job creation of our President and the trillions of dollars it took to get us there. But you also complain about the lack of trillions of dollars that it would take now to get us off this virus that was given to the rest of the world and killed hundreds of thousands of people around the world by way of China. What is your political position? I would like to know. You seem yourself as being all knowing and you could fix everything. HOW? I would like to know. If you have Good Ideas please share them. If not, please shut up about it and talk about what you know. If the price of getting good investing advice is to hear you trash talk the few and only people fighting for us the I guess I’ll skip you rants. I’m sick and tired of people thinking they are all knowing and deserving of something they could not achieve. Please talk markets and keep your opinions to yourself, friends and whoever cares to listen to them. Try being targeted by the IRS, the DOJ, the CIA, the Secret Service, the FISA court and the Biased news media that are in bed with the Chinese. Ohh I forgot the the Democratic Congress and the backstabbing Republicans in Congress and the Senate. Do you have that Thick of skin? Prostitutes suing you and the media holding the torch for you. Could you stand being ridiculed 24/7 by the media. I think not! Keep your cozy job. I don’t think you or your Family could stomach that. Even if you where well intentioned. God’s speed to you, your Family, Friends and all of the People of this Great Nation. God Bless The USA.

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