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    anti semite says:

    The Market :
    QQQ/SMH .. up the big indexes will follow .. and this market will go from extended to the up side, more extended to the up side.

    QQQ SMH .. down the big indexes will follow .. and this market will make a minor pull back, ..toward the rising 50 day moving average.

    This market remains bullish either way.

    He, ..His .. .. .. two special indicators confirm.
    Brain .. the all wise.

    Brain .. the all knowing.
    Veterans day:

    Brain, ..never met someone from the military, ..who did not spend the rest of his life .. admiring his VA hat.
    11/11/11 Armistice day.

    That date ended WW1.
    11/11/11 are number chains in occult symbology.
    long before Brain was a student of the stock market .. brain was a student of satanic symbols, .. and their symbolic relationship to the devil.
    Any who are .. deeply studied .. know..,

    we ( the human collective )..,

    truly are..,

    at the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

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