Well…made it through 100 mph winds last night…and a ton of rain. Not so sure how well rest of Florida did. Keeping fingers crossed. You can go to my twitter feed and check out some of the video I took.

And we must not ever forget what day this is…16 years ago today…amazingly it has been 16 years. I still remember where I was, what I said, where I walked, what I thought and that whole day when this country was attacked. I guess the cliche’ is never forget…but it is not just a cliche’ with what happened on 9/11/2001. Our prayers remain with all affected.

We told you yesterday market was right at the place where it has been defended for weeks…and simply put we get a nice gap to the upside. Let’s see if it holds or if something can build off of it.

Offices today are at a hotel near Disney as all buildings in downtown Orlando still closed.

And as of now, we will be able to do radio today.