We thought Friday’s action stopped last week’s bleeding as markets reversed into the close. This morning: Even though BA is down 50 points because of another crash…that’s about 325-350 dow points: Futures (except for the DOW) are up decently. Powell was on 60 Minutes talking EASY MONEY…think that is doing the trick this morning.

MLNX bought by NVDA…helping the SEMIS.

FB upgrade. AAPL upgrade. Both with decelerating numbers but solid range-bound action after gaps to the upside.

BETA has some juice.

We do not own BA right now. Before today, wish we did. We are being asked what to do if owned. Answer…if we owned, we would typically give it a little room after this gap knowing we can always buy back. Are we thinking of buying? When there is so much uncertainty, usually we will just take a step back. This doesn’t mean we won’t be watching. BA has been the strongest stock in the DOW for quite a while…but this could be meaningful.