All quiet this morning.

Prayers to Puerto Rico. Been there about a dozen times. Cannot imagine what 150 mph winds will do. Prayers also out to those affected by earthquake in Mexico. 7.1 is a biggie.

Toys R Us bankruptcy… Bad service, bad pricing, bad website combined with massive debt…will do the trick. This was a must as suppliers would not have supplied. 40% of business is at holiday time. Expect fewer stores. Expect combining Babys R Us into one store.

Trump speech!…I just love when pundits who worked in the Obama, Bush and Clinton administration criticize Trump for his rhetoric when we are here because of Obama, Bush and Clinton. Horrible deal by Clinton and nothing done by Bush and Obama. The past 3 presidents are at fault for letting North Korea obtain their arsenal…which has now fallen into Trump’s lap…not to mention the Iran giveaway. I do not call it the Iran deal because a deal means both sides got something. Hopefully, the Trump administration gets things right on this. Keeping fingers crossed.

FDX small gap to downside, BBBY big gap…wow…used to be a big leader, ADBE, WDC, GIS also gapping down.