Tough day yesterday. Futures flat and then Mnuchin said some bs on China…same bs he has said a dozen times…but now the prez doing interview and is all over the map. Futures coming in. I am speechless. Go to my twitter feed and you will see all my sarcasm. Very tough to watch.

Since you’re asking:

FEDHEADS basically guaranteed a rate cut yesterday. Next fed meeting the end of July.

BYND looks like it hit some sort of low yesterday…after hitting a climactic high. May have set a range. Valuation remains a joke.

Funny…everyone loves bitcoin again. I wonder why.

Mentioned early yesterday…felt like GLD was petering out. Gold stocks were down while GOLD was up. Expect some stalling/moderation.

HOUSING stocks broke 50 day yesterday. Volume heavy. LEN mentioned tariffs adding cost of house by about $500…tariffs are marvelous.

The downside of ridiculously valued, money losing IPOs is showing itself. Pick your poison and pick your spots.