It’s a long day but this BROADCOM (AVGO) news is important. As you know, the SEMIS are the most important group to our work as they continue to lead markets up and down. It used to be the FINANCIALS were first and SEMIS second. No longer. So…we will watch closely. Fundamentally, we have been saying the numbers out of the SEMIS have been suspect but the hope was “the second half!” Well, the second half rebound does not look at hand. Seeing some horrible chart patterns in the group. The group will need to stand up and be defended soon.

As far as the rest of the market, continue to think narrow…but GOLD and GOLD STOCKS opening at or around new yearly highs.

Other stuff:

China industrial production came in under expectations and 17 year lows.

The ECB saying they are very worried about bad loans. Really…hey ECB and Draghi, it’s your easy money and negative rates that do just that…promote bad loans.

German 10 year bund…new record low yielding 0.27%. That’s not a typo. Spain is at an all-time low at 0.50%.



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    Vanessa says:

    Mr. Kaltbaum,

    CONGRATULATIONS!Keep up the super job!Great seeing you in Beautiful Scottsdale this past weekend!!Keep coming back!!Please run for USA Congress or Senate!We need real Americans in Washington who really care about this country.Not taxpayer paid career politicians who control their own raises, and can’t seem to find the time to be present to address families of the 911 victims.Disgraceful!Many of your listeners never would have known of it…if you had not informed us.I’m sure the listeners of your show would enthusiastically support your candidacy.You have the platform, intelligence…courage…a very wise audience, and a wise voice of counsel highly respected by many.

    Thank You!
    Great State of Arizona

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