GH big move yesterday on more losses. $90 Million sales…$8 Billion market cap.

This morning…DOMO and MDB gapping up…both on big losses…but analysts say sales growth is strong.

Just reporting the news. Pretty much went from “end of the world” to “it’s like 1999” in 2 months…all off a change of stance in central banks.

This is not a complaint. This is just reporting to you that overall, economies around the glob have been heading south while earnings and sales growth has slowed to a crawl here overall. Maybe the market is looking forward at an acceleration.

Boeing…we want to own. A lot of the bad news is out…but too many unknowns. Lawsuits, how long it takes to first figure out the problem, how long it takes to fix the problem, will anyone cancel orders…there are over 5,000 orders on the books. The stock was bought up after the U.S. grounded the fleet. Today is another day.

Facebook…the data collecting monster now being looked at for data collecting they were not supposed to be collecting or something like that. Still dont know how I could be in outer Mongolia in an internet cafe…trying to find good restaurants  in Mongolia…then go on my Facebook page and see an ad for restaurants in Mongolia. Not sure this is what I signed up for.