Futures are flat to down. ULTI big buyout…not much more after that.

AMZN was the issue on Friday as it was down over $90. It is down another $10 this morning. But it affecting nothing on Friday.

GOOG reports after the close. All other biggies have reported.

AAPL good reaction on terrible numbers.

FB good reaction on a sandbag beat and earnings only up 8%.

NFLX poor reaction but bouncing up.

Markets deserve some rest/pullback but the easy money persistence has continued. All major indices remain ABOVE the 50 day…which will remain vital. Easy money talk has continued out of Europe, Japan and China. The dude from Europe actually stated they can print more money if need be…this after for months saying they need to get off the easy money.

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    anti semite says:

    Market extended, trend up.
    From the mind of Yoda:
    Any time now, we should see a good hard pull back in SPY .. to the rising 50 day moving average .


    the market will likely run up, … re test the prior top by June, …. on a slowing global economy, …..and a flood of easy money coming from the planet’s feds….
    Yoda continues:
    There are three trades in the market; long, short, and the planet’s feds.
    The only trade which counts, comes from the planet’s feds.

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